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Swansea Jack jumping docks

Who is Swansea Jack?

Swansea Jack was a real dog who became famous for rescuing people. There was some debate about Jack’s breed. Some thought he was a Newfoundland, but he was smaller and looked more like a typical, flat coated retriever. He was born a very long time ago, 1930 to be exact.

When Jack was a puppy he lived in the Treboeth area of town. That was many years before Swansea became a city. Talfourd Davies, his first owner, came to despair of Jack’s frequent escapes from the garden. Jack would venture to Llewellyn Park and cause untold trouble in the duck pond, terrorising the poor creatures.

Jack later went to live with William Thomas in the docks area of Swansea. There, he flourished into the character we still read about today. The North Dock where Jack loved to swim, was a dangerous place. Over the years, Jack was responsible for saving 27 people from drowning. He also pulled 2 dogs to safety!

He became a local celebrity shortly after his first recorded rescue appeared in the newspapers. From that day forward, his fame and appeal grew and grew.

Jack travelled the length and breadth of the UK appearing in shows and events. He collected for several charities and won many awards for bravery and service to good causes. He is still the only dog in history to be awarded the equivalent of the Canine Victoria Cross, not once but twice, which is very impressive!

He is laid to rest on the seafront today and his newspaper articles, medals, cups and other trophies are on display at Swansea Museum.

Swansea Jack is no longer with us but his spirit lives on. The people of Swansea should never forget this courageous canine, who proved beyond doubt, dogs really are man’s best friend.