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Swansea Jack at the docks

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Berni Hellier is a children’s author with a passion for writing and all things dog. She is Swansea born and bred and has two needy but lovable pooches, Woody and Demi. While researching the history of Swansea Docks, she stumbled upon many stories and old news articles published about Swansea Jack, and was intrigued.

Swansea Jack’s amazing story has been diluted over time and some of his antics forgotten completely. Berni was inspired to find out more and is committed to making sure Jack’s memory is kept alive. For today’s and tomorrow’s children.

Gayle Morgan Simmonds is a talented creative designer and illustrator. She has three rescue dogs, Ava, Bailey and Coco, who love nothing better than surfing the Gower waves. When Berni, her long time friend, suggested creating a book about Swansea Jack, Gayle didn’t hesitate to take up the challenge.

And so, Swansea Jack Publishing was born and the journey began.